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EOS Model
EOS Model

@Bill Bennett2 probably the most consistent comment I've heard from everyone implementing EOS (big and small) is they didn't call out and directly address people issues as fast as they wish they did. If you're doing EOS, that means you want to grow and some people that were good for your past might not be good for your future. Those are tough conversations but everyone will be better off if you don't shield others from your expectations.

Other things I think are common for us little guys is not having mature data. Everything in our ERP system was cobbled together... (More)

Tom Geen30 — To echo what Rick Pelletier29 said, the Accountability Chart will definitely be your friend during the transition. There are a few softwares out there (namely Traction Tools and Ninety) that can help you manage the Accountability Chart in the cloud, making it accessible to everyone in the org while you work through the transition. I work for one of those softwares (Traction Tools), so if you have questions or need help connecting with an EOS Implementer, feel free to reach out.

Voted for Word of Mouth

My dad still owned the business at the time but I was running it. We both independently heard about EOS from our professional network within about a week of each other.

Dean Breyley
EOS Community Leader (Europe)

Hey @Jody Fearing Trende37 - the purest way to roll this out would be along these lines: o

Once the LT are ready to roll these out, have some form off kick-off/comms with the team as to what is going to happen and why. Then to have the leaders of each team cascade the tools to their teams (generally one level at a time). We start with the 5 Foundational Tools (V/TO, Acc Chart, Rocks, Meet Pulse, Scorecard) and we build a plan around getting those tools to those teams and getting them in place.

It is generally the Leader... (More)