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Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy

Here are a few thoughts - and I would think about this in the context of what you are hoping to accomplish. These are supposed to be leading indicators of your marketing, so I like to look at things like

  • Organic Traffic Growth
  • The conversion rate on the site
  • Size of your MQL/SQL list that you can nurture
  • Deals/Opps that marketing helped create

But, this really comes down to details about your b2b industry. i.e. deal volume, velocity, and the organizations you are selling to. 

First, think about the outcomes you want to achieve from your marketing. Now, write down all the behaviors, actions, and key indicators that lead to those outcomes for your organization. Those will be the measurables on your Scorecard. You are right, they do vary by company, by industry, and by target market. After you have the list of measurables then go to work building your Scorecard to keep a pulse on your business and navigate to outcomes.