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Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy

Here are a few thoughts - and I would think about this in the context of what you are hoping to accomplish. These are supposed to be leading indicators of your marketing, so I like to look at things like

  • Organic Traffic Growth
  • The conversion rate on the site
  • Size of your MQL/SQL list that you can nurture
  • Deals/Opps that marketing helped create

But, this really comes down to details about your b2b industry. i.e. deal volume, velocity, and the organizations you are selling to. 

A different twist to some of the standard marketing metrics like website leads and traffic is to add "Ideal Client" to the beginning. In the B2B space, If your Ideal Client/Target market is well defined, you probably have (or can get) a pretty good idea of the establishments that meet that ideal client criteria.

Another more salesy metric is the sales stage conversion rates as Debra Chantry-Taylor76 pointed out. There is a downloadable spreadsheet in the blog linked below that you can use to calculate the impact of improving the various stages of your Sales Process.