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People Analyzer
People Analyzer

Christine Watts
Head of Client Success & Product at

@Queenverly Legaspi23 Since we use Ninety.io27 we have the Accountability Chart in there and we run Quarterly Conversations and Annual Reviews from there since its all connected to that and the company Core Values which give you the components of the People Analyzer. 

We started with our Leadership team, but now run them in all departments. 

Then when we are hiring we can build the seat on the Accountability Chart and then run the Quarterly Convo with the person 30, 60 or 90 days into the position depending on what is needed oversight wise. 

Rick Pelletier
Fractional Integrator/CFO/COO

@Maegon Coble23 - one of the things I've done in the past is to give new hires a copy of the book "What the Heck is EOS?" by Gino Wickman and Tom Bouwer. Chapter 8 is all about the People Analyzer. Overall it's just a really good introduction to EOS and the terms that are used in it.

Dan WilliamsCertified EOS Implementer
Certified EOS Implementer & EOS Worldwide Coach

Hello @Queenverly Legaspi57 I recommend that my clients complete a full People Analyser including GWC company wide every 90 days. The individual results should be shared with team members as a part of their quarterly conversation (5-5-5), the team members should self assess too. Self assessment helps to embed the process, values and keeps the Accountability Chart front of mind. Other things you can do is celebrate values and promote peer recognition. I'm also a fan of displaying the Accountability Chart where possible. Ultimately you help to raise awareness by providing team members a copy of "What the Heck is... (More)