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Professional EOS Implementation
Professional EOS Implementation


I know of a few government agencies that have applied EOS Tools and principles in their organizations. While EOS was built for privately held entrepreneurial companies, it is really just a system for helping teams of people get clear and aligned on a Vision/Plan and then execute well (with discipline and accountability) to achieve it.

Your specific question is a common one - and we actually ENCOURAGE our clients to customize those "major functions" for their own unique organizations. So creating an Accountability Chart for the DOD that doesn't have S/M, Ops and Finance as the major functions is... (More)

Christine Watts
Head of Client Success & Product at

@Carolina Sueldo7 I've spoken with multiple companies in the healthcare space, and almost all (that I can think of right now) have mentioned they used an implementer, and I think it really comes down to those companies are typically larger.

So they had more of a budget to dedicate to getting an Implementer, they didn't want someone on their staff to have to "become the expert" to teach everyone, and they had more teams to cascade EOS to and they thought it would be easier with an Implementer's support in training the leadership team.

Hope that helps! Not sure if... (More)

Philipp Maucher
Director of International Development / Head EOS (Self-)Implementer

Hi @John Herman9 

I dug out this slide from 2017 that laid out our implementation plan. In all honesty, it took us a longer than 9-12 months to roll out all 6 key components to all our teams but the sequence worked well for us. Hope that helps!

Does anyone have an example of an 18-24 month EOS implementation plan other than including the dissemination of the various components and practices within the VTO and quarterly rocks? Something that's more like a Gantt Chart or project schedule for implementing the 6 key components and moving toward 100% strong?

Hi Carolina, My pat answer is this: "If an organization has people EOS® works."

I have had one very successful Dr. Practice where their "office administrator" was a great integrator. As Docs, they were able to divi up practice direction seats / roles and when it came to Nurses and Staff who ran the day to day - it was awesome... engagement went up etc. etc.

Since you are new to this firm, it would make tremendous sense to bring in a Pro who can herd the cats. see below.

I have had one trainwreck - 12 dermatologists who would... (More)