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Professional EOS Implementation
Professional EOS Implementation

Jason C Roelofs
Next Level Software Leader | COO - EOS Integrator for Xeo Software

While I too have not tried rolling out EOS in this large of an organization, I have worked with companies who were rolling out agile project management practices in a similar fashion. In this case they created Scrum of Scrum teams for each region and had a member of each on a similar global team. So basically global leadership and maybe even department teams, that have a representative also in a regional L10 who also has a representative down in regional departmental L10s. You want to have traceability between each level of teams, whenever you get a break where a... (More)

Rebecca Finken
Professional EOS Implementer

I‘be seen many new Implementers this year during  the pandemic. I went thru Bootcamp in June & there were 378 EOSI’s. Now there are over 400 & we have our first in Taiwan. We’re in England, New Zealand & Australia as well. It’s an exciting time. 

Rick Pelletier
Fractional Integrator/CFO/COO

@Michael Ulbrich19 - in regards to #1, my experience is that this is a fairly common situation, especially when the Integrator is new to the role. The key to success is having a plan for what it's going to take for the Visionary to get comfortable enough to make that transition and making sure the Visionary and Integrator are committed to the Same Page Meeting to ensure open lines of communication and that issues are getting addressed. In regards to #2, I've never dealt with an organization that large trying to implement EOS, but look forward to seeing what those... (More)

Philipp Maucher
Director of Engineering as Marketing / Head EOS (Self-)Implementer
Voted for Marry them to the calendar year (December/January)

I'm with preceding comments on this: schedule your annuals in line with your calendar or financial year. We try to do our Annuals in early December of the current year.

On planning, I want to add:

  1. Prepare rigorously. The better the preparation (financial planning, preparation of key metrics / measurables, forecasting), the better the quality of the annual planning. No harm in sharing all information prior the planning meeting.
  2. Plan and align operating cadences. For instance, your financial and sales cadence should be aligned, so your product and marketing cadence. All four calendars then should be snapped together. David Saks... (More)