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Dean Breyley
EOS Community Leader (Europe)

Hey @Jody Fearing Trende10 - the purest way to roll this out would be along these lines: o

Once the LT are ready to roll these out, have some form off kick-off/comms with the team as to what is going to happen and why. Then to have the leaders of each team cascade the tools to their teams (generally one level at a time). We start with the 5 Foundational Tools (V/TO, Acc Chart, Rocks, Meet Pulse, Scorecard) and we build a plan around getting those tools to those teams and getting them in place.

It is generally the Leader... (More)

Philipp Maucher
Director of Engineering as Marketing / Head EOS (Self-)Implementer

@Jody Fearing  Trende10 We did a Focus Day, Vision Day and Annual Planning with our implementer @Dean Breyley10 (great guy!) and this was our original roll-out plan when we started implementing EOS in the end of 2017.

I am looking for advice regarding specifics about rolling out to the organization.  I understand the roll out to one level at a time and from a high level; but need some guidance with the specifics.  Should the next level of roll out go through a Focus Day, VB1 and VB2 day as one entire group for that level; or should there be several - one done within each individual team within that level?  Who should lead those sessions - the implementer, or should the leader of that level be prepared to lead those sessions with those teams?  And, how do you ensure that issues at one level are not solved in that level if not appropriate at that level (many teams trying to solve an issue that may be owned by a higher level team, for example)?  Looking for some good, detailed advice about the roll out.

We didn't roll out most tools until probably Q3/Q4 2018 but the plan kept us on track. The biggest challenge was the change management and bringing our team leads along. So we did various EOS training and coaching sessions with them internally - still to this day for all new people in an LMA function.

Hope that's helpful, cheers


Hi Jeff - I agree with Rick that fewer tools are better. I know Traction Tools allows users to have Individual To Do's (so they don't show up during the L10) and I assume Ninety.io12 has the same capability. However, no "right" way -- just what's right for you and your team.