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Started off self implementing for first year due to cost. Starting with certified implementer in December because we found slow progress by ourselves.

Christine Watts
Head of Client Success & Product at

Definitely agree with the suggestions to use the Quarterly Conversation or Annual Review processes EOS outlines. Both of those conversations include the 5-5-5, which is the People Analyzer (Core Values and GWC) plus Rocks.

If you are using an EOS Software solution like Ninety.io7, it makes it easy because it pulls in your Core Values, Accountability Chart seat for GWC, and Rocks for that person so that each person can prepare their thoughts before the conversation even happens. The direct report can think about how they did, and the manager can think about their direct report. Our Feedback system also... (More)

Hi, Cristy -

In my past life as a bakery owner, we found that trial shifts were critical in determining a good fit. Trial shifts are a "no strings attached" approach that works well for both parties. The following is my experience share from using EOS in my own company - not a prescription on how to do it from EOS Worldwide. I hope it helps you see how this might work for you.

The assumption is that you have hired for both a combination of core values and skills. Right person = core values. Right seat = skills match.... (More)