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Angie commented 16 days ago
Shane Chapman
President & CEO - Integrator
Anyone have experience with both and EOS One Beta? I'm looking to get our EOS out of a binder and into a tool/cloud and these 2 options seem the most relevent.

We are self implementing and just coming up on our first annual.
Joceline liked 11 hours ago
Dear All,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out as a seasoned EOS visionary with over 4 years of experience, seeking an experienced EOS integrator to join our technology company, Basalt (

If you have any shares or contacts that could assist us in our search, I would be greatly appreciative.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
Best regards,
Garry liked 5 months ago

I think your next step would be to build out the Accountability Chart - currently, your name is in every seat with the exception of the seats filled by the former grad students. Clearly identify the what each seat is accountable for and how much time you think those tasks will take (use how much time it takes you to do it and add 25-50% for starters). Then do a Delegate and Elevate to determine what are the first things you can offload to someone else. Use this to figure out your first hire - which may simply be assistant.... (More)

Angie commented a year ago
Andrew Turner
Professional EOS Implementer

Hi Diane,

Consider having the team read 'What the Heck is EOS?'. It's a Coles Notes version of Traction that is an easy read for people.