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Angie commented 6 months ago
Andrew Turner
Professional EOS Implementer

Hi Diane,

Consider having the team read 'What the Heck is EOS?'. It's a Coles Notes version of Traction that is an easy read for people.


Travis commented 9 months ago
Nicole GergonEOS Events
Events Leader & Community Manager

Hi Jamie! Thank you for sharing a little bit about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey. A couple things I would recommend to you:

  1. At EOS Worldwide we have collaborative groups and programming for Visionaries & Integrators through Rocket Fuel University88. The first level of engagement is completely free and you get access to:
    1. Rocket Fuel 101 online video course where Rocket Fuel book co-author Mark C. Winters discusses Rocket Fuel concepts
    2. LaunchPad forum board
    3. Live Q&As - we host (3) per month. 1 for Visionaries, 1 for Integrators, and 1 for Visionaries & Integrators

Secondly I would recommend coming... (More)