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This group is for Visionaries of companies running on EOS to connect with others in the Visionary seat. Ask questions, share best practices and support each other on the journey to Mastery and living the EOS Life.

Ed liked a year ago
Thomas Burrows welcome to the group! What business are you in and where are you from?
Mark commented a year ago
James Willard great to have you here! Where are you from and what business are you in?
Aleksandr liked 3 months ago
Have you all read the EOS Life book by Gino Wickman?

Here at EOSW we like to rate ourselves on the 5 points of the EOS Life at least once per quarter. Here are my scores:

1. Doing what you love - 10
2. With people you love - 10
3. Making a huge difference-10
4. Being compensated appropriately - 7
5. Time to pursue other passions - 7

How do you rate yourself? Leave a comment.
Nick Keegan great to have you here! Where are you from Nick and what’s your business?