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This group is for Integrators of companies running on EOS to connect with others in the Integrator seat. Ask questions, share best practices and support each other on the journey to Mastery and living the EOS Life.

Angie commented 3 months ago

The QC is not a performance review. It is supposed to be more of a conversation, and is mostly about meeting the employees needs. So, I prepare so that I know what's what, and in the meeting I ask a lot of questions if the employee doesn't have something on their mind. It should be about what do you need to get your job done, what are you struggling with, how can I help. If it ends up being only a "performance review" and feedback session, it's not serving it's intended purpose. Him not sharing his thoughts is OK, because... (More)

Amber BairdEOS Worldwide Team
Community Leader at EOS Worldwide/ IMF Pro-Member

Hi Brenda! We have gone through that change here at EOS Worldwide. We had a well defined succession plan that was executed to make sure that transition went as smooth as possible. Happy to talk more 1-1 if it would be helpful.