Shoutout to the EOS Pulse team for taking out the trash and cleaning up all the spam posts. Seems like we're always under a constant barrage from bots so I appreciate y'all coming in and regularly taking out the trash.

I have an idea for some content:

When the EOS Worldwide Team tackles some issues on this community page (I've been told some other initiatives like EOS One are getting most of the attention at the moment), how about you use it as a teaching opportunity on some of the EOS tools?

Like a blog or diary that shows how the EOS tools like rocks, scorecard, issues, accountability chart, etc are being used to improve this site.

I think specific examples would really help bring the tools to life, and obviously all of us who are part of the EOS Pulse community would be familiar with the material.

Just an idea -- I think it would be very helpful to my learning and generate some really good content.