All of EOS in One Place

We have launched quite a few products over the last few years.  We've launched Rocket Fuel and Boss workshops and communities, we've added a conference in London, launched the EOS Life book with the journal and planner, and quite a few more things.  The result of this "product explosion" is we have made it challenging to navigate all things EOS.  

Here's how we plan to bring it all together:

You'll notice the drop-down menu in the top right.  This menu will contain access to all EOS based on your user profile and what you've subscribed to.  We are also adding dashboards for all user types.

Here's an example:

If you aren't an EOS One software user and use another tool, you'll see something more like this:

Yes, that's me in a Flyers shirt. 

These dashboards will be personalized just for you.  If you are in Integrator, you'll see integrator things and have the ability to customize your dashboard. 

As we think about moving forward, I have a few questions we'd like to know during this beta period.

  1. What tool(s) are you using now to implement EOS in your business?
    1. What features do you use the most?
    2. What features do you value the least?
    3. What doesn't your current tool have that you wish it did?
  2. Would you value EOS training content embedded in the software to support rollout and reinforcement of the concepts?
  3. Would you value the ability to connect with other companies inside the platform?
    1. Facebook groups?
    2. LinkedIn groups?
    3. Slack?
    4. Embedded inside the software (EOS Pulse)?
  4. Would you value the ability to find other companies running on EOS?
  5. Would you value the ability to integrate with your other systems?
    1. Import sales data, and financial data, into the scorecard?
  6. Would you value the ability to benchmark your performance against other companies in your industry or geography also running EOS?

We'd love your feedback and answers to these questions.  

Our Core Focus is helping entrepreneurs live their ideal lives.  We do that through EOS mastery.    We aren't just building software to help you track your rocks and todos.  We are building software to help you and your team master the tools of EOS, top to bottom.  We want every person in your organization to understand and implement the tools EOSso that you and they can live their ideal lives, their EOS Lives.