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Asked a question 7 months ago

A friend in my Vistage Group posted this question. I offered my thoughts but am curious to see what the community has to say: Hey Group.    Question for anyone running EOS.   We are preparing to run through the Delegate to Elevate tool as a leadership team before we cascade it down to the broader team.   I'm struggling to see how we make this a structured exercise with a clear outcome.  Current plan is for each to review their DtoE with the team, but it seems more like that is just a mutual awareness raising that may generate action items do get some people out of activities they don't enjoy.  Anyone have a different approach that has worked?

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Our leadership team uses a clarity break each quarter to review and update their Delegate and Elevate matrix. They in turn have their direct reports do the same thing. It is interesting to see the movement for quarter to quarter. Sometimes just doing the exercise and becoming aware leads to change - even without taking action items.