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Tom Geen
Managing Partner
Asked a question 2 years ago

At my last company, we successfully implemented EOS alongside a professional implementer. It was a TRUE success and the past organization is thriving. Huge fan of EOS! Now I am in the process of acquiring a new company and in the process of building trust, rapport, and direction for the leadership team at “NewCo”. My question for the group has two parts: 1) Succession Planning / Business Transition Planning: Any advice, experts, or “proven methods” for going through an ownership transition and purchase? I’m hoping there are some “tools” or experts out there to bounce ideas around. We have 12 months until the acquisition will take place and I want to make the very best use of the time getting the RP/RS etc. 2) EOS Implementation Timeline for a New Leader: Advice, guidance, or expertise around how long you should wait to implement EOS as a new leader to an organization? No “right” answer I supposed to want to hear anyone’s experiences or advice. Especially if the leadership team is going to expand over the next 12m and a few current members will be retiring. Better to wait until the new team is in place or start as you are building? Thank you in advance to the group!

Travis Richards
Tom Geen went through a similar situation and made mistakes along the way. I was running a company my dad owned and ran for many years. It was always the plan that I'd acquire it. We started EOS while he still owned it.

My dad built a very successful lifestyle business, and we tried to launch EOS based on the existing culture which wasn't very entrepreneurial. As you might guess we ran into problems.

I think the timeline depends on whether the existing culture is something you want to buy. If yes, I think you should get started. If not, I think you can wait and do groundwork in the next 12 months that will make implementation more effective.

DO NOT get into the culture and vision discussion if you aren't in the position to implement the culture and vision you really want. That was the position I put myself in and it slowed us down.

Email me if you want to go more in depth -- happy to hop on a call and give you as much dirty detail as you want.

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Rick Pelletier
Fractional Integrator/CFO/COO

@Tom Geen235 - my advice would be to use the transition time to focus on the Accountability Chart, specifically the Leadership Team. Once you have the structure defined, you can start focusing on RPRS. Once you have your Leadership Team in place (including the Integrator), I would proceed with rolling out EOS. I would also strongly advise you to use an EOS Implementer to guide your new team through the process. They are awesome at what they do and provide a very fast ROI.

Tom Geen195 — To echo what Rick Pelletier194 said, the Accountability Chart will definitely be your friend during the transition. There are a few softwares out there (namely Traction Tools and Ninety) that can help you manage the Accountability Chart in the cloud, making it accessible to everyone in the org while you work through the transition. I work for one of those softwares (Traction Tools), so if you have questions or need help connecting with an EOS Implementer, feel free to reach out.

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