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Asked a question last month

Besides an assistant, should all of an integrators direct reports on the leadership team? Our discussion is that IT and HR should report to the integrator but don't really belong in the L10. There is resistance to them reporting through Finance or OPs because the support the whole company. How do you handle it?

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I think the answer to your question is yes -- all seats reporting to the integrator are on the leadership team. 

I'd go back to the beginning of the accountability chart exercise and take it from scratch. Start with sales/marketing, ops, and finance/admin and decide if any of those functions need to be split into multiple seats.

Based on your question I think you'll likely end up in one of two boats:

  1. Decide HR and IT belong under finance/admin
  2. Decide that at your company finance needs to be a distinct function. In that case you need to figure out where HR and IT belong, and I'd recommend creating a dedicated admin seat on the leadership team. From what you described, I think it's likely y'all would decide that the integrator being dual-hatted as integrator AND director of admin is the simplest, best structure for the company.

I encourage you to be disciplined about thinking STRUCTURE FIRST. Does it not make sense to put them under finance, or are you working around a limitation of someone on the team? If it's the latter, you're doing them no favors. Enter the danger and fight for the greater good.

Let me know if I can help in any way and good luck!