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Meraj Delavari
Founder & EOS Implementer
Asked a question 2 years ago

Current client has been using OKRs for the past year; hesitant to transition to Rocks. Focus Day session on Rocks was somewhat confusing for everyone involved. Has anyone dealt with this issue before? How did you blend or persuade client to using Rocks?

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Similar to what Rick said:  Not dying on the hill is the guidance here. 

Just ask them how they are using OKRs now (the problem with OKRs is all of the different definitions and they don't all map the same way) 

but, whatever definition they are using you can fit it into the system, and I will change my language to match their language for a while.

"So we are going to set some 90 Day Objectives, 90 Day Priorities by following out Rock Setting Process...."

"That Key Result sounds like a nice item to add to an L10 Scorecard..."

blah, blah blah. hope this helps




Rick Pelletier
Fractional Integrator/CFO/COO

@Meraj Delavari155 - I haven't ever dealt with this exact situation, but my approach would be to create the conversion map between the two systems (objectives = 1 year goals, key results = metrics on the scorecard, initiatives = Rocks). Hopefully once they see how the conversion works, they'll be more open to embracing the new approach.