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Nelson D. Beverly
Owner | Integrator
Asked a question 11 months ago

Do goals need rocks? How are goals held accountable to be completed and by whom?

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@Nelson D. Beverly37 as best as I can tell, EOS doesn't prescribe assigning one year goals to people. I think the Integrator is the person who is ultimately responsible for seeing that the goals are accomplished. And rocks are indeed a big part of that.

At my company, successful implementation of our new ERP system is a one year goal. Q1 we had to select the system, a partner, and establish the implementation plan. Q2 we needed to get the data migration done. Q3 we need to complete user testing and shut down the old system.

Not all goals are broken into three or four parts so easily, but I think it's very rare that can't be broken down into pieces, and many of those pieces are good candidates for rocks.

In your role as integrator, remember that you break the ties during your quarterly and annual sessions. Ultimately you have authority to scope the goals and make sure the team has selected the right rocks each quarter that are going to achieve the goals.

And in many cases I think a natural point-person emerges based on what the goal is. We have another goal to get a certain amount of sales from our new products -- clearly our sales leader is mostly responsible for that (but that person reports to the integrator, so it still falls under their purview).