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Asked a question 2 years ago

Hello dear community! I need some help 🙋‍♂️ What OTHER meetings do you have in your companies apart from the level 10? I am self implementing for an E Commerce company with 10 areas and Directores-Managers-Leaders and dealing with some internal misalignment. What kind of meeting should we have apart from the

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Hey, @Jonas Mosse104 these are our regularly scheduled meetings outside of the EOS meeting pulse (L10, quarterly, and annual).

Weekly one-on-ones with direct reports. Everyone with LMA meets weekly with their direct reports. Leadership Team members are about 45 minutes, plant workers with their supervisors are more like 10.

Quarterly conversations and annual evaluations with direct reports. Read How to be a Great Boss for more details on these.

Financials. There are two standing monthly meetings re: financials. We meet ahead of closing the books to bring up concerns about anything on the P&L, those issues are resolved offline with relevant parties ahead of closing, and then we do a review once things are finalized.

Department L10s. Sales and ops each do L10s with their teams once a week. When we rolled out EOS we started doing Department L10s too soon. I recommend waiting until you've REALLY mastered the Leadership L10s first.

Aside from these we still have lots of meetings. Others are just as-needed. For example, tomorrow I have two meetings about specific projects we're working on. Those often are scheduled as a result of IDS'ing during the L10s.

Happy to provide more detail if I can be helpful!