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Tracy Mahood
Integrator | Managing Director | Co-Owner, Imagebox Productions
Asked a question 2 months ago

Hello. I'm am fairly new integrator working in a creative agency. I have a super talent team who is onboard with EOS. My issue is with focus and participation during weekly Level 10 Leadership meetings. When my visionary is distracted during the meeting, the rest of the team loses focus and starts to 'multi-task'. Additionally, and with the exception of the visionary, the team is comprised of introverts who struggle with the 'S' portion of IDS. When I ask how I can help them become more comfortable with the 'S' portion of IDS, I'm told that they need time to go away, think and prepare. So, I started telling the team what we would be discussing during IDS to help support. But client work is a priority and often gets in the way of the team preparing for IDS discussions in advance of our meetings. So, I'm in a situation where our Level 10 meetings are unproductive 1) when the visionary is distracted, not paying attention and 2) when introverted team members come to the meetings unprepared to discuss IDS topics, can't brainstorm solutions on the fly and take their participation cues from the visionary. Any insights on how I can turn this situation around so that all of our Level 10 meetings are productive? Many thanks!

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Rick Pelletier
Fractional Integrator/CFO/COO

@Tracy Mahood38 - first, congratulations on becoming an Integrator! 

The first issue regarding the Visionary is something you should address directly during your next Same Page meeting. Be open and honest about how what you perceive to be a lack of focus is impacting you and your ability to run an effective L10. A lot of times Visionaries don't realize it's happening or there is an underlying issue that needs to be resolved that hasn't been identified yet.

As far as the second issue goes, I don't recommend pre-determining what issues are going to be discussed during the meeting. Ideally the issues list will be growing during the week between meetings and may continue to grow during the earlier stages of the L10 as you go through the Scorecard, To-dos and Rocks. Then when you get to IDS, you should be identifying the biggest issues facing the company that need to be resolved to move the company forward to accomplish its goals. One suggestion if they're having problems solving issues is to try to break the issue down into smaller pieces and assign To-dos to be completed by the next meeting, which provides them with the time they need to go away and think. Learning how to IDS can be hard and takes time, start slow and try to build on success.

It's also possible that you have a RPRS issue, so you may need to address that as well at some point.

Good luck!