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Philipp Maucher
Director of Engineering as Marketing / Head EOS (Self-)Implementer
Asked a question last month

Hi community, we're looking for teams in SaaS / software development who are running their teams on SCRUM or other agile methodologies and wonder how they align their rocks with the agile methodologies. Anybody out there?

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Christine Watts
Head of Client Success & Product at

Hey Philipp,

We run agile with 2 week sprints and do sync up what we are doing in JIRA into Rocks / measurables. It was some figuring out how to mesh the concept of Rocks which by nature are a bit more waterfall with agile, but with how we have it set up now, we plan our Rocks big picture, develop milestones and then allow for flexibility within the bigger goal. Took a couple quarter to get there and always an evolution but we are looking to document some of what we do to share the knowledge with other SaaS companies, so happy to have a deeper conversation on zoom! 

Rick Pelletier
Fractional Integrator/CFO/COO

@Philipp Maucher19 - you might want to reach out to @Adrian Boerstra17 at MasterSolve to see how they do things.

David Lormor
CTO & EVP - Wyndy + Alysyn | EOS Self-Implementer

Hey Philipp -

We're in the SaaS/app space and have been using "strict" Scrum for a couple years now. We're also about a month into our EOS journey as well. First off, I'd love any additional insights from folks further along in the journey!

From my perspective, the rocks align nicely with the "new" Scrum concept of The Product Goal. Additionally, I think rocks serve as a "compass" to ensure that your sprint goals and product iterations are aligned with the needs of the overall business.

One related area that I'm curious to understand better is how to align solving issues that arise during the weekly leadership to-do list review. Specifically, how much importance do those issues take over the committed sprint items? Seems like there's the possibility to introduce quite a bit of churn/replanning into your sprints, which are typically longer than the weekly meeting cycle of EOS.

Best of luck with your implementation!