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Asked a question last year

Hi EOS World - I am a massive advocate of EOS and have implemented it within my own business - I am currently in the process of starting a new business. I have gone to a number of 'Board' type groups where you have the benefit of working with contemporaries to help you with the growth of your own business by being accountable and sharing advice - I love this model, BUT, I prefer the core values and methods of EOS. Is there some kind of group, locally or virtually that meets these needs - so EOS principles and support as a startup when the business is not yet big enough to implement it internally yet?

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Nicole GergonEOS Events
Events Leader & Community Manager

Hi Jamie! Thank you for sharing a little bit about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey. A couple things I would recommend to you:

  1. At EOS Worldwide we have collaborative groups and programming for Visionaries & Integrators through Rocket Fuel University110. The first level of engagement is completely free and you get access to:
    1. Rocket Fuel 101 online video course where Rocket Fuel book co-author Mark C. Winters discusses Rocket Fuel concepts
    2. LaunchPad forum board
    3. Live Q&As - we host (3) per month. 1 for Visionaries, 1 for Integrators, and 1 for Visionaries & Integrators

Secondly I would recommend coming to the EOS Conference110 in April! It is an amazing way to connect with other business leaders who are running on EOS. Not to mention the incredible value of content through our speakers. 

Jamie, I don't see any answers to your question. I would love to connect with you on this.