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Asked a question last year

How can you ensure that all your team members ( directs) are aligned with your annual planning ?

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Philipp Maucher
Director of Engineering as Marketing / Head EOS (Self-)Implementer

That's a great questions we tried to get behind over the past 3 years in our EOS journey - especially in light of our company growth and new teams being added constantly. We're now settled on the following process:

Before the year ends

  1. Planning preparation (update the V/TO issues, populate company and departmental rock suggestions, self-assess the Annual goals and Q4 rocks).
  2. Leadership team conducts their Annual Planning.
  3. Leadership team communicates the new Annual Plan and Q1 rocks to all team leads and managers.
  4. Team leads and managers conduct their Team Annual and Q1 planning.

Early in the new year

  1. Leadership team and all team leads/managers present their rocks and dependencies on other teams in a Rock Sign-off meeting; any adjustments are discussed and done. This meeting in particular helped us a lot to align better.
  2. Each department forms their Departmental V/TOs.
  3. Leadership team reviews the previous year, communicates the new V/TO and gives an update on priorities to all staff during our Annual Kick-off.

Then there's also the tooling you use to track your Annual Plans and Rocks. We use our own product, but I guess any project and work management software helps to highlight cross-functional dependencies and keep track of the execution.

Hope this is helpful, best


Tracy Lindbergh, CNP
Executive Assistant, Integrator

Our leadership teams meet to set rocks with their direct reports just prior to the quarterlies and annual planning so they have a sense of the team's needs and focus before setting the plan.  Then after the annual planning meeting, the V/TO is broadly shared and since the team's focus informed the annual planning, it's usually aligned because of that, but if tweaks are needed in an individual's rocks after the annual planning session, that can happen when the V/TO is shared.

Rick Pelletier
Fractional Integrator/CFO/COO

@Queenverly Legaspi80 - I actually just had this same conversation with a Leadership Team this morning. The plan we came up with is for each Leadership Team member to hold an annual planning session with their direct reports, share the updated company V/TO and to build a departmental V/TO that supports the company one. That ensures that they all understand the Vision from the Leadership Team and can build a departmental plan to support it.