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Rebecca McComas
Retired small business owner
Asked a question 2 years ago

How often do you all review, update, and refresh your company core values? As we grow, our team feels motivated to revisit these periodically for a refresh. We removed one this year, for example, that was no longer as relevant. We recognize there is a learning curve and continue to learn how best to identify and write them.

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Hi Rebecca, great question. I'm curious how your Core Values were initially established? Did you follow the EOS process for that? Or, some other method? 

As @Jeff Chastain200 mentioned already, yes, you review your Core Values at quarterlies and the annual as we check in on our V/TO. I'm in total agreement with him that I don't see them change very often, but they can. And, certainly, if you're undoing a major shift.

I'd be curious to ask your leadership team if they're all in agreement that these are your Core Values that best reflect your team.

Coupled with that, have you done the People Analyzer with your leadership team? 

  • We use the People Analyzer in the Implementation process when establishing your core values in order to check that we have the right ones. 
  • For instance, we do the exercise to establish your core values and/or to validate your existing ones. Then, we list the entire leadership team with the core values and do our +, +/-, - check and set the bar on what is acceptable as a team. 
  • If we see that we have multiple minuses on our team, then we have to ask if that's truly a core value.

We also use the Aspirational, Accidental, and Permission to Play check on core values. You can learn more about that here -

Here's a post I recently wrote on Core Values that may be helpful for you as well -

Rebecca, typically the entire VT/O is reviewed on an annual basis.  The focus tends to be on updating the 10/3/1 year plans, but everything could be in play.  I cannot say I have seen a company do a wholesale rework on the core values, focus, or marketing strategy.  Usually those are tweaked if anything.  Unless the company is going through a major re-invention / pivot, I would not expect major changes there in the typical case.

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