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Bill Bennett
Ministry Director
Asked a question 2 years ago

I am in an organization that is below $2mil in annual revenue and we are just beginning our EOS journey. What are some unseen hurdles that we may experience as a smaller organization?

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@Bill Bennett196 probably the most consistent comment I've heard from everyone implementing EOS (big and small) is they didn't call out and directly address people issues as fast as they wish they did. If you're doing EOS, that means you want to grow and some people that were good for your past might not be good for your future. Those are tough conversations but everyone will be better off if you don't shield others from your expectations.

Other things I think are common for us little guys is not having mature data. Everything in our ERP system was cobbled together with duct tape and lack of clear data makes it hard to have good conversations.

Happy to hop on the phone to better understand your situation and offer what help I can. Email me if you want to chat sometime.

John Vanderpoel
VP--Compliance and Finance

Bill, great question!  We've been running on EOS now for about 18 months, and are also a small team of 14.  One of our challenges was getting our Visionary out of the business....when we first started he was on our accountability chart as the Visionary and the Director of Sales.  One of our annual rocks is to get him to 100% Visionary role.  

It's pretty common in smaller organizations that individuals wear many hats.  For instance, I'm the Integrator, as well as the owner of the Compliance and the owner of Finance, which includes HR, Office Management and Accounting.  EOS increases our workload, but it also increases our accountability and tracking of priorities via rocks, which far outweighs the additional workload.  

Our Implementer has been very helpful for us as a small firm as we navigate EOS, hopefully yours will be helpful!