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Alyssa Barker
Director, Talent Development
Asked a question 3 years ago

I am in the early stages of implementing EOS for our company. I believe the first step is to create the leadership team. We currently have about 10 departments and no VP's. I feel that 10 people in the leadership team is too many. What's the best way to go about choosing that leadership team?

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Kris SnyderCertified EOS Implementer
Certified EOS Implementer & Head of Corp Dev for

@Alyssa Barker147 I would encourage you to revisit the book Traction for the Accountability Chart section which starts on page 89.  What you will find is the approach is structure first, people second.  There are 3 powerful ground rules listed on page 90 that allows you and the existing leadership team to work on the right structure going forward.  It begins with a fundamental belief that there are only 3 major functions in business; Sales/Marketing, Operations, and Finance.  Depending on the industry you are in and the size you will see fluctuations from there.  The hardest part of this exercise is historical structure where people feel emotionally connected to being on the team vs what is the right structure for the next 6-12 months for the business.  I could spend hours sharing experiences of clients and myself who struggle with making the change of not having certain people on the team because there isn't a logical seat for them.  Another powerful opportunity is the concept of Integrator and Visionary seats.  This is covered on page 92-94 of Traction.  It has probably been the single greatest advancement in companies that I have supported when they get this enhancement inside their structure.  Keep in mind that about 50% of companies running on EOS have a Visionary Integrator pair so its not for everyone based upon stage and the right structure.  

Here to help.

Morning Alyssa,

Congrats on being selected to Implement EOS® at Middleton Meyers.

When self-implementing, it still makes sense to follow the Proven Process, it is not a process that is only reserved for trained EOS Implementers - it is there for you to follow.

The first step that is FREE - with zero strings attached - it is a 90 Minute Meeting with someone who is trained to give it. This can be done just for you to bring you up to speed on the complete system. It can be done virtually.

Anyone in the EOSi community will be happy to share their time with you to be sure you are super successful - it is what we do, part of our Help First, and Do The Right Thing core values.

I see you are linkedin to Marisa Smith, she could help.

Hope this helps, it is THE place to start, don't skip it. 

Uncle Walt




Roger Vertannes
Certified EOS Implementer

Hi Alyssa,
Determining your leadership team (LT) is congruent to the Structure of your organisation and I agree with you, 10 Depts = too large a leadershp team. 
Perhaps the structure may need a review? We say" Structure First, People Second", so sometimes we find the that the structure needs to be simplified first. That flushes out the true LT.
Another way to define your L'ship team is: "Who" in their depts has direct reports? 
Some of them may run a dept, but not have direct reports. Leadership Role = Managing People.
Hope this helps to get you started. all the best with your implementation, Roger