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Team Health
Asked a question 2 years ago

I am looking for ideas to address team health. i.e. to improve relationships.

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Christine Watts
Head of Client Success & Product at

@Stephen Thies36 At our Annual a couple weeks ago, we had all taken PRINT107 and discussed our results in the meeting. Our team had already done KOLBE, but if you guys haven't KOLBE is probably another good one to check out! The other exercise we did was called "One Thing". I found this article147 explaining it in more depth. Encourage you to check it out! Everyone takes the opportunity to share something positive about a single person, then one thing they constructive they can work on. Everyone eventually finds their "One Thing" they are going to work on over the next year. Highly recommend! @Kris Snyder42 feel free to comment if you can explain that better than I can :) 

5 Dysfunctions of a team book is a great way to get people aligned. Assesments like Kolbe, Strengthfinders, 360 assesments, Four Tendencies, Love Languages, etc... are great ways to use as conversation starters so people understand how to treat each other and work better as a team. 

Rainee BusbyCertified EOS Implementer
Certified EOS Implementer - TX, MS, TN, NM, LA, OK

Agree with Cesar. There's a great 15 question assessment in the Five Dysfunctions of a Team book and field guild. I used it in my last 2 day annual. The conversations that evolved from each question was powerful and engaging. Real open and honest communication. Leadership team loved it. 

Another Patrick Lencioni book (The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive) showcases a 4 step model on organizational health. Definitely a recommended read for EOS clients.  

Hi @Stephen Thies36, agreed with @Rainee Busby36 and @Cesar Quintero39 - just wanted to add another overarching thought to consider.

Implementing EOS purely and taking the Organizational Checkup is a fantastic way to improve relationships. The entire model is built to help you work towards your vision, gain more consistent traction and to enjoy healthier operations. 

I've found some teams half-implement or implement their own way, yet when we dig in, there are still basic issues that can be solved by implementing EOS. For instance, they glossed over the Accountability Chart and didn't ensure they have RPRS. Well, it's tough to improve relationships when we don't have a core value fit and we have some issues in RPRS (right people, right seat). I could go on, but you get the point. 

Just a reminder to stop, take stock in where you stand today - do the Org Checkup personally and/or as a team. If you haven't done as a team, that alone can provide great insights. I've seen leadership teams find they're quite a bit different in perception than their management teams. Then we know we have some issues to address. 

Hope that additional context helps!