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Jeff Anderson
Operations Director / Integrator
Asked a question 3 months ago

I have my first Quarterly Conversation / Discussion with my Visionary next week. He does not want to publish or share any of his comments, ratings or scores in advance of our meeting. Is this typical? I feel like I am flying blind right into a storm, even though everything is operating well at our organization. Thoughts?

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The QC is not a performance review. It is supposed to be more of a conversation, and is mostly about meeting the employees needs. So, I prepare so that I know what's what, and in the meeting I ask a lot of questions if the employee doesn't have something on their mind. It should be about what do you need to get your job done, what are you struggling with, how can I help. If it ends up being only a "performance review" and feedback session, it's not serving it's intended purpose. Him not sharing his thoughts is OK, because it's just his prep for the meeting.

If however it becomes a performance review, with him doing all of the telling - then it is a problem. Feedback is a wonderful thing, but it needs to be timely and constant. There should never be any surprises in a performance review.