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I'm in my first year of implementing EOS. I've conducted my Core Values speeches a couple of months ago--it went well and I think I had great engagement. About 50% of my workforce are unskilled lower wage earners, on their feet most of the day running equipment--these are simply tough, unglamorous jobs for people who are mostly just working for a paycheck. I'd love some insights and/or suggestions for how to bring more meaning to those types of positions, and if possible, through the EOS model. And I apologize in advance if this is not the correct forum to ask this question.

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Hi Dave, Kris Snyder is spot-on with his answer.  Here's a little real-life story from fellow EOS Implementer, Jill Young that hammers home the power that your Purpose/Cause/Passion can have to give meaning to the lower wage earners on your team.

In 2015, my son Brandon went to work for one of my clients, a Land Surveying company. I thought this was a brilliant move as a mother because the job Brandon took involved working in the hot Texas sun 10 hours a day, getting up in the summer at 5 am and working in mosquito infested swamps. I thought this was a sure fire way to teach him a lesson about “You better go to college or you’ll need to work in a swamp the rest of your life!”... Please forgive me, I was a young, naive mother! :) After about two weeks on the job, I said… “So, Brandon, how do you like that manual labor?” and much to my surprise, he said, “I love it!” WHAT??? HOW COULD YOU LOVE IT?!” and he proceeded to explain to me the importance of what he was doing out there in the muddy swamps as a Surveyors Helper. He said, “Mom! Did you know that every building, parking lot, road, house, etc, starts with a good survey? Mom! Everything I’m doing now is creating a sure foundation for the future! If I get it wrong, it could be wrong for centuries! It could mess up so much for the future! But if we do a great job, our name is recorded in history forever as the single source of truth.  Mom… IT BEGINS HERE!”... I knew that phrase and story well. “It begins here” was the passion we’d settled on a year previous in the company’s VB1. The power this phrase had over my 16 year old teenager was enough to get him out of bed at 5am, not complain about the mosquito bites and sunburn and chastise his mother for not believing in the importance of his work… that’s a lot of power in three little words.

I don't know what your company does Dave but if people are paying for your services it's making a difference in the lives of someone.  You just need to somehow tie that in with the manual labor being done to help those people!

Kris SnyderCertified EOS Implementer
Certified EOS Implementer & Head of Corp Dev for

Dave - The Core Values are to help you know that you have the Right People in the company that believe how you believe.  However, the Core Focus is to find alignment and passion in the pursuit of what you do.  Specifically your Purpose/Cause/Passion statement should be so lofty and inspiring that they understand that the time they give to your organization is more about the dent you are making in the universe than the paycheck they receive.  I am working with one client, manufacturer, who is struggling filling open roles as there are lots of opportunities within the category of their wage range.  Part of their historic struggle was they weren't marketing their Core Values and Core Focus.  Additionally, the staffing companies they are relying on also were just centric to getting "bodies" in the door.  I would encourage the shift of really promoting the VTO as an talent attraction tool and also a retention tool which is why we advocate for Shared By All (SBA).  The struggle for great people inside our organizations is real and its never ending but the good news is we have the tools within EOS to win.  Here to help.

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