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Kevin Krusiewicz
Coach | Facilitator | Consultant
Asked a question 10 months ago

I'm looking for a tool/assessment, similar to Five Love Languages but appropriate for employees, to help employers know how they can best appreciate their people based on their individuality. I don't think Kolbe really gets at this, but I'm not sure about PI or others. Any thoughts?

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Hi Kevin,  

Nice question 

DISC is a simple and effective solution.  There is a lot of coaching around how to approach the "types".  I have clients who have the colors on name badges, on doors, on email signatures. 

Oversimplifying: For instance an S will want you to chat a little before diving in to work. a D will want to cut straight to the chase.  DISC is simple. 

And / Yet Kolbe helps a ton here too.  It helps us understand how people deal with / attack problems.  It can help us be patient. When we know we have a 7355 (Me) you must give me time to understand the problem to learn about it before I trigger my 5 Quick Start or 5 Implementer (where I will want to model the problem, draw it on a whiteboard) etc. etc.

DISC and Kolbe working in combination can get you pretty close to the 5 Love Languages.  

I know everyone will be shocked at this: I'm an 11 Words of Affection - 8 Physical touch ... - I know creepy.    Wife is 1 Physical touch. =;- )

It is OK to laugh.


Walt 7355.   D65, I85, S3, C50.   aka freak.



Christine Watts
Head of Client Success & Product at

Have you seen PRINT before? We just did it at our annual meeting and I think it’s worth checking out. I found it interesting.

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Asked a question 10 months ago
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