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Asked a question last year

I'm on a mission to improve our people component. I'm especially interested in using tools like Kolbe and PI in conjunction with our A/C. In my head, we would have ideal profiles for what we're looking for in each seat to go along with the bullet points. Is anyone out there using profiling tools to help define roles? I'd love to hear what others are doing.

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Michael Phillips
EVP Business Development


I would enjoy having a conversation with you to see if I can share some insight. Just as an fyi, The Metiss Group partners with entrepreneurial leaders on the people component of EOS. I reached out via Linkedin as well.

Tim Dini
Director of Operations

Hi Travis,

If you are certain your seats are well defined and accurately aligned with your business, I recommend using the Culture Index186. We just performed a CI assessment of our leadership team and are so impressed by the results that we're adding it companywide.

I highly recommend specifically reaching out to Sumeet Chahal (schahal@cultureindex.com128)