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Rebecca McComas
Retired small business owner
Asked a question 2 years ago

I want to give a shout out to one of this group's members, Jeanet Wade, for her great video on the importance of the meeting ‘segue’ and sharing a nugget of personal and business-related good news at the start of each Level 10. I shared it with our leadership team, and we committed to giving it a try at each of our meetings for the next few weeks. Wow, has it made a difference! I learned things about our team that I didn’t know after working with them for years. One person described a personal athletic goal that she’s been working on and an upcoming competition. Ironically, one week later she had to share the news of an injury she sustained while pursuing that goal the previous evening. It would affect her work for a few weeks (lifting). It was great to know how important this goal was to her and to give us a better perspective on the relatively minor inconvenience that we are experiencing as a result of her lifting restriction. I advise you to listen to Jeanet’s video and put it to practice in your own company, too. Thanks for sharing, Jeanet!

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This is great, thank you for sharing!

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