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Asked a question 2 years ago

I was wondering if EOS has been implemented in the healthcare space? Specifically, I am looking to become a partner of a small private practice and think we would benefit immensely from the structure and organization that EOS provides but unsure if the model has been proven before? And if you are in the healthcare space and have implemented EOS did you proceed with self-implementation or bring in a professional? Thank you in advance!

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Hi Carolina,   My pat answer is this: "If an organization has people EOS® works."

I have had one very successful Dr. Practice where their "office administrator" was a great integrator.  As Docs, they were able to divi up practice direction seats / roles and when it came to Nurses and Staff who ran the day to day - it was awesome... engagement went up etc. etc. 

Since you are new to this firm, it would make tremendous sense to bring in a Pro who can herd the cats. see below.

I have had one trainwreck - 12 dermatologists who would not accept accountability and were unwilling to give their off days to working the process - they had a rotating Practice Lead formula that did not help... etc. etc.

Hope this helps.




Christine Watts
Head of Client Success & Product at

@Carolina Sueldo153 I've spoken with multiple companies in the healthcare space, and almost all (that I can think of right now) have mentioned they used an implementer, and I think it really comes down to those companies are typically larger. 

So they had more of a budget to dedicate to getting an Implementer, they didn't want someone on their staff to have to "become the expert" to teach everyone, and they had more teams to cascade EOS to and they thought it would be easier with an Implementer's support in training the leadership team. 

Hope that helps! Not sure if this answer shifts since you are a smaller private practice, but I do know of multiple dental practices that use a specific Implementer so you may be able to find someone that is unique to the industry. 

(And added/edited now that I think of it) The smaller practices I can think of almost always have leadership teams where members of the team still need to see patients, so the "no time to become an expert" becomes the main need there.