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Cesar QuinteroCertified EOS Implementer
Certified EOS Implementer, Miami
Asked a question last year

Looking for examples on how to keep Culture alive and vibrant for companies that are running virtual teams and are lookong to stay virtual. How to translate amazingin in person cultures to virtual?

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Cesar, we are a virtual company and have been for 16 years. So I don't know what "live" would be like for my team, but here are some things we've tried over the years:

Meet Ups - this one is new for us during COVID. It started because we realized people needed to talk, be worried, share stories and we didn't have a forum to so that. They are optional. There's no agenda. You can come and go. And we just hang out like we would if we caught each other in a break room. 

Fun Virtual Events - if you'd dress up for Halloween in person, do it on-line. Have a costumed meeting. Send a box of candy to your team.

Use the Mail - We send out goodie bags for meetings. Next week we're having our first ever virtual all company weeklong retreat. Everyone got a box this week they were asked not to open until the meeting. In the box are various wrapped items - some are swag, others are things for the meeting. Each says "Don't open until instructed." Even when there's not a big meeting, a handwritten note is a beautiful thing. 

Use Slack - we have several fun Slack channels where we get to be ourselves. #watercooler is for random things you might share around a watercooler. We've seen a kid's first steps, beautiful sunsets, and read funny jokes. #teamlove is for recognition. If a client sends a kind word or you want to give a shout out to a colleague, people share on it this channel. #COVIDmemes is self-explanatory and has kept us sane. We even have a channel for our retreat. We're doing fun countdowns, people are posting pictures of their boxes. 

Avoid the Mute Button - years ago we implemented certain meetings that had to be on video. But we still struggled to engage people. They showed up, went on mute, and listened. Now, we have everyone off mute (small company) and it's so much more natural. Sure we hear dogs bark and things aren't always perfect, but you hear laughter and people interject. It's way more fun and way more us. 

Lunch and Learns - we sent UberEats gift cards out and everyone got to order in for a quarterly lunch and learn. 

Basically, to the best of your ability, find ways to mirror the culture and camaraderie you experienced in the office. Hope this helps. 

Christine Watts
Head of Client Success & Product at

I think it can often vary team to team in an organization. We often share a lot on slack, make sure in team meetings we have zoom on, and a fun specific example is on our Dev standup we do fun fact Fridays. They can be personal or just generic, but I think just letting people have a personality and interests outside of their job is important on a manager to direct report level. I think we constantly try to communicate we are "real people" with real things going on outside of work and its not about a specific event we always hold or a virtual happy hour, but just in the energy we bring to the normal slack conversations with gifs, or a funny background on zoom. 

But curious to hear from any larger organizations too! 

Maybe @Michelle Rose66 has thoughts?!