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Tracy Lindbergh, CNP
Executive Assistant, Integrator
Asked a question last year

My organization has been self implementing for a year now after a wonderful 18 months with our implementer. We are having some great accountability chart conversations in the last few weeks. Since everyone is virtual, we created an excel template for our boxes and while it's not perfect, it's been very helpful. I'm curious if anyone else has been working on accountability charts with all team members remote and if you have any lessons learned regarding doing this remotely that we could also incorporate. Thanks!

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Hi Tracy! I like using Ninety primarily. The Accountability Chart tool and the rest of Ninety is outstanding and has been a game-changer for all my EOS clients. 

If you're not on Ninety, google sheets or excel do work. 

I'm curious what kind of conversations you're having on the AC chart? That could help guide my answer a bit more. Also, are you holding Quarterly Conversations with your team yet? I've noticed it's an often under-utilized EOS Tool and it's super powerful! :)