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Bruce Ludwig
Director of Sales
Asked a question 7 months ago

Plateau? we have run EOS since 2018. it seems our most recent quarterly meetings are not finding 'big' rocks, or impactful issues. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how did you improve/solve it?

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@Bruce Ludwig40 I'd check a few spots on the V/TO first:

1. 10-year target. Is it specific and clear? Uniting (it's for EVERYONE and not just management)? Inspiring? And the big one in your case -- is it a catalyst for change? Is it big enough that you have no chance to achieve it without doing things differently? My friend and implementer @Jill Young42 wrote this blog about 10-year targets a few years ago:

2. 3-year picture. Not sure if you're working with an implementer, but a misstep I've seen some companies make is not resetting their 3-year picture every year during the annual. It's really important to set it fresh every year so you always have a bigger/better version of yourself to go chase. If you've ever seen Matthew McConaughey's acceptance speech at the Oscars it's the same idea. If you ARE resetting it annually, I think it's worth putting that back in front of your team and asking them to highlight the ones they think there's less than a 20% chance of coming true. Then ask why -- clearing up whatever obstacles you identify are good rock candidates.

3. Marketing strategy. Is the marketing strategy you've developed going to make you impervious to competition? Is it going to create a set of customers that is so loyal that they'd never dream of partnering with someone else? Are your three uniques leaving your target market screaming "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!"? Are you delivering on your three uniques in an absolutely HUGE way?

You may have a very fun problem on your hands. Many people's issues lists are full of problems -- late deliveries, angry customers, disgruntled employees, cash/revenue/profit problems. If things are going great then you can build up your list with opportunities. How can we raise our customer and employee satisfaction from an 8 to a 9? How can we increase profitability from 15% to 20%?

If this is so, I would assume you are completing all rocks and your 1 year goals are all ahead of schedule. It's time to dream bigger and move some of that 10 year vision up into the present. If you've already hit your 10 year goal then set a new one.