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Ross GibbsCertified EOS Implementer
Certified EOS Implementer™
Asked a question 2 years ago

Please share what is the biggest reason you self implement EOS?

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Rebecca McComas
Retired small business owner

@Ross Gibbs142 We started using EOS when our company was small and there would have been no way to afford the help of a certified implementer.  We were dedicated and learned by trial and error using in-office training and What the Heck is EOS as part of our standard training for new employees.  Now it's firmly a part of our company at every level.  We're setting up Ninety.io160 this quarter so we can learn more by the use of these tools and make it easier for less experienced managers to handle their pieces independently without our visionary or integrator having to look over their shoulder.

Under 2 million gross and only 9 total employees including 2 owners.

Started off self implementing for first year due to cost. Starting with certified implementer in December because we found slow progress by ourselves.

Diane Mentzer, PMP
Integrator and Director of Projects/BD

Like @Rebecca McComas143 we are a small company and can't afford an implementer yet. I attended Rocket Fuel University this spring and that helped a lot! We are hoping to be able to start working with an implementer next year. I'm excited about that! In the meantime, I'm hoping for help from this group with measurables and score card items for government contractors. It's a completely different sales model so it's tough.

Self implementation is a great way to learn and think about EOS and so far the material has been very clear on what to do next. We might consider using an implementer if we get stuck or if things are taking too long.