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Sherri Neasham
EOS Implementer
Asked a question 2 years ago

Rolling out EOS when employees are fixated on titles

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from @Mike Paton via comments: 


This is an issue to hit head on. The purpose of an Accountability Chart is to make clear who is accountable for what, and who reports to whom. Two reasons we use functions (like "Sales Management") and Roles (like "LMA, Acquire New Customers, Grow Existing Rel'ps, Hit GM goals, etc.") instead of titles:

1. Clarity and simplicity. Titles can meen different things in different organizations, but "sales management" means, well, sales management. Crystal clear and quite simple.

2. Egos. Titles and heairarchy trigger people's desire for relevance, authority, validation, etc. They provoke emotional responses. They make some people feel superior to others. This is dangerous and unhealthy.

The bottom line is, everyone who owns a seat on an EOS Company's Accountability Chart is essential and important. They're crystal clear on what they're accountable for, who their boss is, and who's on their team. If they need a title on a business card, job description or both - that's up to your client. But they should NOT be included on the A/C. And if they role this out and people quit because their title isn't on the Accountability Chart - do those people REALLY share the organization's Core Vaues?

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