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Asked a question 3 years ago

There is some debate on our team regarding what does and does not belong on the weekly issues /IDS list. My take is it should be anything that someone needs to resolve (opp, obstacle etc) that is beyond the scope of that person's own role to decide. But the question was posed, "shouldn't these just be related to the quarterly rocks"... I disagreed with that, because while the rocks are the most important activities and should be prioritized, it does not excuse us from other activity and issues that will arise in the course of week to week. What would the EOS way opinion be on this?

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Hi Kyle, 

Issues are added on the fly during your L10 as you review your scorecard, rocks, customer/employee headlines, and ToDo's, and anything else that's important for the team to talk about.  On average you'll have 5 to 10 new issues added each week.  You'll probably have 3 to 5 leftover from the previous week.

One of the main reasons you are adding issues is to get your off-track numbers, off-track rocks, and unhappy employees back on-track. Sometimes it's just an update to keep all your people in the know.  

Yes, there are issues that the leader can and should be solving on their own, with their own teams, instead of bringing it to the Leadership Team Level 10 Meeting.  Ideally, you are pushing your issues to the lowest levels of the business.  If you can do that, it will free your leadership team up to work "on" the business instead of "in" the business.