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Asked a question 8 months ago

Two questions: EOS does not offer a method on how to roll out IDS, Level10 meeting style, etc. to the rest of the company. Do all of you simply create your own process to roll it out? My leadership team was surprised that reviewing financials as a team during meetings prior to quarterly meetings was not a thing. Thoughts? How do you all handle this? Thank you!!

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We started with the Leadership team. As Integrator, I gave everyone opportunities to run L10 meetings with the leadership team so that they could practice doing it. The leadership team member then acts as the integrator for their department meetings. I periodically attend their department meetings to provide feedback to the leader. 

As for reviewing financials. We send out all reports prior to the quarterly. Everyone is expected to review them and and come prepared with issues/questions. We had been spending too much time in the quarterly looking at them and discussing them. Now that time is limited to capturing the issues around the financials. Ideally the issues are created in Traction Tools prior to the meeting so that others can preview it.