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Kathleen Ives
Senior Vice President, Engagement - University Professional and Continuing Education Association
Asked a question last year

We are in the process of developing our self-implementation plan. I am serving as the lead. We are a small non-profit association. 20 employees. We have a 4-person leadership team and a 9-person management team (which includes the 4-person leadership team). I would like to organize the EOS deployment by having the leadership team at the Focus Day session but then open up the two Vision Building Days to the management team. Thoughts? I know the rule of thumb is to err by going small, but I feel our organization will be better served inf the management team is included as they represent key functional areas and their buy in will be key to the success of EOS.

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Andrew Turner
Professional EOS Implementer

Hi Kathleen,

I would limit the group to only the Senior Leadership Team. 

If you've created the Accountability Chart the right way - structure first and people second - then you should have each major function represented at the senior level. 

At the core of EOS is the idea the we need to create vulnerability based trust. This trust leads to healthy conflict, which in turns leads to commitment, which leads to accountability then to results.

Establishing this type of trust is easier in smaller groups and is critical to ensuring that all of the right information comes to the surface.

Lastly, EOS is a system for creating alignment, but not by consensus.

Hope this helps!