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Darrin Jahnel
CEO | Visionary
Asked a question 2 years ago

We are relatively new to EOS and we've been having really great L10 meetings. The meetings are so valuable we want to include the next level of leadership in the meetings. Is that breaking the rules of EOS? Is it ok to have the next level of leaders attend the leadership L10?

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Rick Pelletier
Fractional Integrator/CFO/COO

@Darrin Jahnel133 - Congratulations on having great L10 meetings, that's a great accomplishment, especially if you are new to EOS. I would not advocate for having the next level managers attend the Leadership Team L10. Instead, each member of your Leadership Team should be conducting L10s with their direct reports. If you're having great L10 meetings at the Leadership Team level, then they should all be familiar with the format and how to run the meeting. As you cascade L10s down through the organization, it sometimes helps to have whoever facilitates the Leadership Team L10 meeting sit in on the first departmental L10 simply for support reasons. Good luck and keep up the great work!

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