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Steph Nissen
Integrator | Chief Digital Operations Advisor
Asked a question last year

What are the best resources/tools in EOS for Integrators to improve upon their role in an organization?

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Rainee BusbyCertified EOS Implementer
Certified EOS Implementer - TX, MS, TN, NM, LA, OK

Something worth considering. There are several Integrators who have formed mastermind type groups to leverage knowledge/expertise. A great way to up your game and build awesome relationships.

Have you read RocketFuel (rocketfuelnow.com90)

Mark C. Winters also has a series of classes, podcasts and videos!

4 things:

  1. the books87. Get a Grip94 filled in some details not in Traction97.
  2. Base Camp132. I subscribed for about a year and took much of the on line training. There is also a workbook and other things you can download.
  3. my CEO roundtable. Most of our 12 members are using EOS at some level
  4. practice, practice, practice.
Christine Watts
Head of Client Success & Product at

@Steph Nissen85 Have you heard of FIM (Female Integrators Mastermind)139? Check them out! Another good networking/learning group is RocketFuel.104 Looks like others have suggested that one, since they have a combined University and online community you may find valuable. 

Let me know if you have questions about either - I know people that find both valuable! I obviously also believe great EOS software, like Ninety.io101, helps you be a better Integrator too, but check out FIM and RocketFuel for that specific integrator continued education + community.