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Base Camp
Tyler SmithEOS Worldwide Team
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Asked a question 6 months ago

What is EOS Base Camp?

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Base Camp membership is on a month-to-month basis. There is no requirement for how long you continue your membership, so you can cancel at any time.

The tools in Base Camp are the same tools that our fully trained, EOS Professional Implementers continue to use once they have completed their training in Detroit. As a self-implementer, you want to be prepared to be the "Implementer" for your business. The training videos really teach you how to effectively do that. In addition to the training videos you also have access to all of the Implementer Guides that walk you through how to conduct the sessions, what homework should be done between sessions, etc. All of that said, Base Camp is intended for one person on your team to really dig into, become the expert and "teach" the rest of your team.

With a Base Camp membership, you also have the option to order your Leadership Team manuals to use during each session. We highly recommend that each member of your Leadership Team have a manual. Within the manual are over 100+ pages of all the tools in the EOS Toolbox, worksheets to work through every session in the process, examples of a variety of things you will be discussing in order to help you fill out your own, objectives and agendas for each session as well as instructions on how to access the audio homework after the sessions via our EOSWW app. There is also a laminated copy of the EOS Process in the front pocket of each binder.

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