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John Wynn
Project Manager
Asked a question 9 months ago

Where can I find a complete and comprehensive guide to creating, leading, and using the Level 10 meetings? From the basic concepts to customizing for our company's needs? Something like a start-to-finish turorial.

Travis Richards
John Wynn I'm under the impression you are looking for something more in-depth than what's offered in Traction (p 189-197 in my edition). I think this is actually a pretty good guide on the basics of the meeting and I seem to pick up something new every time I review it so I always start there.

Also, using a tool can be very helpful. and Traction Tools are both very good at facilitating the meeting.

Are there specific aspects of the meeting that are giving you trouble?
John Wynn
Hi Travis, thanks for your reply. We've been doing our Level 10 Meetings on our own - writing up our own agenda and sharing it with the team over Zoom but want to being hosting them from within I do have a few minor questions but generally want to make sure I'm using the Meetings tab/feature to it's fullest. It's frustrating that all the YouTube and other videos seem so disjointed and one is left to jump around from topic to topic. Was just wondering if there's a comprehensive and sequential tutorial out there somewhere.
John Wynn
One kind of basic question I do have is - how can I add our own notes to some of the sections of the agenda? For instance, how can I add our "Good News" to the Segue section?

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Nicole GergonEOS Events
Events Leader & Community Manager

Hi John, this video might be helpful!