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Asked a question 2 years ago

Would love to know how people found out about EOS for their business?

Kevin Krusiewicz
Through Clients - I guess that could be WoM too. It's been game changing for my business and my family. Thanks @mike kotsis.
Rodrigo Del Campo
At a Strategic Coach workshop.
Olon Hyde, CBSE, CFE
EOS Worldwide email
Mark Nortman
Strategic Coach member discussed using EOS and turned us on to it.
Jeremy Barker
Through Trainual
Tracy Lindbergh, CNP
There was a Chamber of Commerce event with a topic of how to hold better meetings - an EOS implementer was the presenter
Eli Langer
From a podcast with Nathan Latka and’s CEO
Brian Fritz
Our company found out about EOS in a CEO group that one of the owners of our business attends monthly. I guess you could say this is word of mouth discovery.
Lewis Williams

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