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10-Year Target
10-Year Target

A 10-Year Target is the “North Star” for your company and all your employees. Your team needs to see that you have a plan. They need to believe in a real target to get through this.

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Kris SnyderCertified EOS Implementer
Certified EOS Implementer & Head of Corp Dev for

@Darrin Jahnel4 great questions. My experience has been that there is value at the department level to allow for different Marketing and 3 Yr Picture sections. I have numerous clients that have multiple divisions. One example is they have an ecommerce division (small transactions), a professional service division and large recurring revenue group. Each of these roll-up to the company overall marketing strategy and 3 yr picture but they operate on their own P&L. Also in Ninety.io4 the software supports department level different marketing strategies and 3 yr picture but it won't allow for Core Values, Core Focus and Target... (More)

Anastasia ToomeyCertified EOS Implementer
Certified EOS Implementer and Kolbe Certified Consultant

Departments can have Traction pages of the V/TO, so 1 yr plans, Rocks, and their own long term issues, but the Vision page stays common to the whole company.  That is the general rule so we keep everyone marching toward the same big goal as a company.