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Accountability Chart
Accountability Chart
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Michael Phillips
EVP Business Development


I would enjoy having a conversation with you to see if I can share some insight. Just as an fyi, The Metiss Group partners with entrepreneurial leaders on the people component of EOS. I reached out via Linkedin as well.

As @Emily Morgan22 said, it's about transparency and when you share the State of the Company you further hone in on how the organization needs to be all on the same page. A strong leadership team can field the issues of people feeling excluded and also strengthen the company culture.

Emily Morgan
CEO/Visionary Delegate Solutions

Hey Nick! I didn't experience this, but I did experience elevating someone who was once their peer to their boss, and have done this a few times now (once to Leadership Team). We shared all of this via the State of the Company, and being consistent with that every single quarter. We also use the Accountability Chart to create "ghost" seats so the team knows what roles we will hire for next/ upcoming. To me, it's about transparency and explaining what you are doing and why. We did learn that at a certain point you need to open up the... (More)