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Accountability Chart
Accountability Chart
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Hi Greg -

Congratulations on your expansion!

The question is always "what's the simplest and best structure?". Meet with your Leadership Team to contemplate that, remembering "structure first, people second". 

In my experience, this situation hasn't called for a 2nd Accountability Chart; more often the division falls under the exiting Operations seat, or a 2nd Ops seat is created so there's one for each revenue stream. 



Lynn - this is a difficult one to answer without a few specifics. Is the Boss planning on having 2 different profit centers? Will each have their own integrator? To what level will they have the autonomy to act and make decisions? All structures, businesses, A/C are different - you just have to find the one that works best for you. If it makes sense to have 2 operations and 2 sales, than that should reveal itself. The more autonomous the divisions and /or the more they run like their own profit centers, generally I would say that my experience... (More)

Tim Dini
Director of Operations

Hi Travis,

If you are certain your seats are well defined and accurately aligned with your business, I recommend using the Culture Index116. We just performed a CI assessment of our leadership team and are so impressed by the results that we're adding it companywide.

I highly recommend specifically reaching out to Sumeet Chahal (schahal@cultureindex.com70)


Actually - the accountability chart in Traction was from my eCommerce company.