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Accountability Chart
Accountability Chart
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Lynn - this is a difficult one to answer without a few specifics. Is the Boss planning on having 2 different profit centers? Will each have their own integrator? To what level will they have the autonomy to act and make decisions? All structures, businesses, A/C are different - you just have to find the one that works best for you. If it makes sense to have 2 operations and 2 sales, than that should reveal itself. The more autonomous the divisions and /or the more they run like their own profit centers, generally I would say that my experience... (More)

Tim Dini
Director of Operations

Hi Travis,

If you are certain your seats are well defined and accurately aligned with your business, I recommend using the Culture Index74. We just performed a CI assessment of our leadership team and are so impressed by the results that we're adding it companywide.

I highly recommend specifically reaching out to Sumeet Chahal (schahal@cultureindex.com41)


Actually - the accountability chart in Traction was from my eCommerce company.


I would enjoy having a conversation with you to see if I can share some insight. Just as an fyi, The Metiss Group partners with entrepreneurial leaders on the people component of EOS. I reached out via Linkedin as well.