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Accountability Chart
Accountability Chart
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Jason C Roelofs
Next Level Software Leader | COO - EOS Integrator for Xeo Software

Like I shared in my comment to Rick's answer, I'd really recommend the exercise of building it from scratch with the examples given in the EOS literature and websites. I don't think there is a substitute for the mental work done in building an accountability chart that is true to their own business. If they have problems describing their own structure then I'd have an Issue suggestion for the V/TO.

Rick Pelletier
Fractional Integrator/CFO/COO

@John Herman8 - I don't have an example of what you are looking for, but based on my experience, no matter how similar the companies are, it's not unusual for their Accountability Charts to look very different. So, as an alternative, if you/they would be interested, I'd be happy to spend a couple of hours working with them (at no cost) to get the framework built for their Accountability Chart. I would hope that once they have the general framework done, they would be able to build it out on their own.

Christine Watts
Head of Client Success & Product at

Ninety.io26 gets you those two tools plus each of the six key components built into software so that everything is integrated. Especially helpful when you guys start doing things like the Quarterly Conversations.