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Annual Planning Sessions
Annual Planning Sessions
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The 'One Thing' team-building exercise as mentioned in 'Traction' is not described in a lot of detail, so I would like to share how we did it. We gave everyone a piece of paper to write down each of the other team members' greatest strength and biggest weakness. Then everyone took turns sitting in the center, with the others one by one sharing their feedback face-to-face. After all feedback was shared, we cut the papers and gave everyone their feedback in writing. Following that, everyone chose the one thing to work on in the next period. For us, the exercise... (More)
Any insight on the best way to run SWOT at our 2nd annual planning? Do you start over? Or do you review what you had from last year and add/remove from it?


I'm new still (implemented EOS in June 2021). But, yes, everything is way different. Cannot do a local retreat, or anything fancy. The question seems to be, how do you stir up a closeness and team "feel" when everyone is spread across the world. I have just put a little more time into small talk in each meeting to get to know everyone and find common ground. I think working remotely has so many benefits, that most people do not feel like they are missing out on the team-building. Does this (at least partially) help? I am here to learn... (More)