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Annual Planning Sessions
Annual Planning Sessions
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Philipp Maucher
Director of Engineering as Marketing / Head EOS (Self-)Implementer
Voted for Marry them to the calendar year (December/January)

I'm with preceding comments on this: schedule your annuals in line with your calendar or financial year. We try to do our Annuals in early December of the current year.

On planning, I want to add:

  1. Prepare rigorously. The better the preparation (financial planning, preparation of key metrics / measurables, forecasting), the better the quality of the annual planning. No harm in sharing all information prior the planning meeting.
  2. Plan and align operating cadences. For instance, your financial and sales cadence should be aligned, so your product and marketing cadence. All four calendars then should be snapped together. David Saks... (More)
Voted for Marry them to the calendar year (December/January)

We started implementing last year and hold our quarterlys/annuals in the first week of each quarter because it feels clean, but we aren't sure it's working well yet due to biz-related work at the start of each quarter. Our second choice would be offsetting it by one month (Feb/April/July/Nov).

Voted for Marry them to the calendar year (December/January)

This is the first anniversary of our implementation, so our first annual meeting. It was supposed to be yesterday, but our heads were not in the right place with a COVID staffing situation that we had to address. We have 9-10 people in our office, 4 on the leadership team, and were planning one full day, not two.

It's been rescheduled, and we'll see if one day is enough??? We are just over 50% implemented and have a long way to go. But, as another person mentioned, whatever works for you in regards to when you schedule your annual I... (More)

Voted for Marry them to the calendar year (December/January)

Calendar year works for us because we operator on a calendar year.  If we operated on a fiscal year, I'd schedule the annual meeting after the close of the FY.