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Core Process
Core Process
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Bram Billiet
co-founder @

One best practice for identifying the most important processes is to focus on the processes that have the greatest impact on your business' overall success. For example, the processes that drive revenue or those that are critical to maintaining customer satisfaction. Another best practice is to prioritize processes that are most important to your customers, or that are unique to your business.

An example that could be working for you:

Process 1: Room Availability and Reservations

  • Substep 1: Establish a system for managing room availability and taking reservations
  • Substep 2: Develop a process for tracking and reporting occupancy rates
  • Substep... (More)
Bram Billiet
co-founder @

Sure, here are three potential processes for Equipment Management in a heavy construction company using the EOS/Traction lens:

Process 1: Equipment Maintenance and Repair

  • Substep 1: Create a schedule for regular equipment maintenance and inspections
  • Substep 2: Establish a system for identifying and reporting equipment issues
  • Substep 3: Create a process for ordering and stocking replacement parts
  • Substep 4: Establish a protocol for coordinating with outside repair vendors

Process 2: Equipment Tracking and Utilization

  • Substep 1: Implement a system for tracking equipment usage and location
  • Substep 2: Establish a process for allocating equipment to specific projects
  • Substep 3: Create a... (More)