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Core Values
Core Values

Companies running on EOS® know that articulating and communicating your Core Values is essential to getting the right people in the right seats to help you achieve your vision. That’s because these values define the characteristics that you want every single person in the company to share so you can build the culture you want in your company. 

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Hi Rebecca, great question. I'm curious how your Core Values were initially established? Did you follow the EOS process for that? Or, some other method?

As @Jeff Chastain28 mentioned already, yes, you review your Core Values at quarterlies and the annual as we check in on our V/TO. I'm in total agreement with him that I don't see them change very often, but they can. And, certainly, if you're undoing a major shift.

I'd be curious to ask your leadership team if they're all in agreement that these are your Core Values that best reflect your team.

Coupled with that,... (More)

Rebecca, typically the entire VT/O is reviewed on an annual basis.  The focus tends to be on updating the 10/3/1 year plans, but everything could be in play.  I cannot say I have seen a company do a wholesale rework on the core values, focus, or marketing strategy.  Usually those are tweaked if anything.  Unless the company is going through a major re-invention / pivot, I would not expect major changes there in the typical case.

Posing this question for our community as it just came up with a company I work with this morning. Here's what I shared, which I'll probably add to my blog soon, but posting here first. Love to hear others' thoughts on the subject too...

First, watch Gino's video on giving the Core Values speech -

Delivered in about 5 environments - can be others too:

  1. when you do the rollout of EOS to your organization
  2. in the quarterly state of the company
  3. when hiring employees
  4. during the review process with employees
  5. someday to your vendors to ensure they're in... (More)