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Philipp Maucher
Director of Engineering as Marketing / Head EOS (Self-)Implementer

@Zack Swire40 Very much agree with your answer above. The way we see EOS is: it's the handrails for running our business (keyword: one operating model) - not handcuffs.

We follow all EOS processes and tools purely. During our company growth (from 80 when we started with EOS to 250 employees within 3 years), we realised we needed to complement EOS with additional systems, processes and reporting cadences. To give some simple examples:

  • Product development: Rocks + Agile development (Scrum, Sprints)
  • Finance: Scorecards + Monthly Business Reviews and Board Reviews
  • Leadership: L10s, Quarterly Planning, Annual Planning + Strategic Same Page... (More)

As an Implementer, I get this question from time to time. I get it. I really do. I'm naturally a Visionary and I'm always looking to improve things. I've also seen companies who just want to do it 'their way' or use their language.

Simply put, running EOS purely is in your best interest.

When you read that Gino and others have been testing, iterating, and turned every lever, it's absolutely true. There is immense value in the testing and iteration phase.

What we can do from those who came before us is to learn and not make the same... (More)