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The Operations and Finance components of businesses typically have documented processes that are adhered to.  Sales and marketing on the other hand are a bit more wild west when it comes to repeatable, inspected processes and expectations.

Do you have a separate sales and marketing Level 10?


Philipp Maucher
Director of International Development / Head EOS (Self-)Implementer

Hi @John Herman9 

I dug out this slide from 2017 that laid out our implementation plan. In all honesty, it took us a longer than 9-12 months to roll out all 6 key components to all our teams but the sequence worked well for us. Hope that helps!

Does anyone have an example of an 18-24 month EOS implementation plan other than including the dissemination of the various components and practices within the VTO and quarterly rocks? Something that's more like a Gantt Chart or project schedule for implementing the 6 key components and moving toward 100% strong?
Peter Martino
Professional EOS Implementer

Hi John!

Are you familiar with the EOS Process (linked here).25 This is right and proven way to implement EOS. It's not laid out in a Gant chart, but the diagram and the notes below the chart should help clarify the order and timeline. On average a company working with a Professional or Certified Implementer takes about 2-years to "get it" and is ready to graduate if they choose to. Also, if you and your firm are helping other companies Implement EOS, I strongly recommend 2 things: A membership to Basecamp, and going through Bootcamp which also gives you a... (More)

EOS Tools
Lynda Martin
Certified EOS Implementer
Voted for Accountability Chart?

Getting to a clear accountability chart is hard - and so worth it. Over time it gets better and better, providing clarity over key areas that are getting missed, where leaders are sending mixed messages, and how employees can grow in their professional journey.